Month: October 2014


HOW TO SURVIVE HUMANS AND EARTH is a straight talking read for anxious people on an anxious planet.

We are 7 billion people and counting; connected in an infinite race for mental, physical, and environmental survival.

People young and old are struggling to hold their shit together day in day out; bombarded with information on how to live a ‘better’ life.

While we occasionally need to chow down on scientific jargon about the environmental and economic piss-bucket we reside in, we need a bit of balance to allow our minds to catch up.

This book is a guide for the anxious. Helping to remove social stigma about mental and environmental anxiety.

Take the reigns; reconnect; change your world; avoid or come to terms with a complete nervous breakdown. The choice is yours.

It’s time for a bold, straight talking, no holes barred look at how we’re living both mentally and physically.

How do we stop ourselves going bat-shit-crazy from just trying to get through a day, while trying to avoid living in a spherical shithole?

HOW TO SURVIVE HUMANS AND EARTH is a journey to tell you how.