Ode to Friday:

“She peeled her sleep encrusted eyes open, observed the bland grey sky, eavesdropped on the rain as it dressed down the rooftops, haphazardly opened up her e-mail and noticed an advertised position on Guardian Jobs for the role of ‘Resentment Officer’.Β Her inner Grinch quietly giggled with glee… “Ahhhh, finally, a role made for me”.

But, as she guzzled the last of her morning tea from a cup the size of her head, she harrumphed at the normality of this role that she had blearyly mis-read- ‘Position: Representative Officer’. So, she went back to bed, covered her head and refused to get up ever again. Happy 3rd last day of the week before Monday.”

That other Friday Feeling.
That other Friday Feeling.


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