Month: April 2013


Ode to Friday:

“She peeled her sleep encrusted eyes open, observed the bland grey sky, eavesdropped on the rain as it dressed down the rooftops, haphazardly opened up her e-mail and noticed an advertised position on Guardian Jobs for the role of ‘Resentment Officer’. Her inner Grinch quietly giggled with glee… “Ahhhh, finally, a role made for me”.

But, as she guzzled the last of her morning tea from a cup the size of her head, she harrumphed at the normality of this role that she had blearyly mis-read- ‘Position: Representative Officer’. So, she went back to bed, covered her head and refused to get up ever again. Happy 3rd last day of the week before Monday.”

That other Friday Feeling.
That other Friday Feeling.


Theoretically, this doesn’t really fit the category of ‘VEGAN SURPRISE’, but it surprised the HELL out of me!! So much so, that I’ve had friends and family calling for the recipe seeing as I wouldn’t shut the hell up about it!

Bad Ass Shepherdless Pie
Bad Ass Shepherdless Pie

I came across this recipe  last week on Sweet Sugar Bean for a Lentil & Kale Shepherd’s Pie with Roasted Garlic Potatoes, and although it looked heavenly, and I could almost smell it just by looking at it, it sadly wasn’t vegan. So, I quickly went to work swapping out dairy bits & pieces for vegan versions in the hopes I’d still get smacked in the tastebuds by awesome. Did I WHAT!!! (Irish statement of intent, meaning I KILLED IT!!!!!) Oh the irony 😉

Bad Ass Shepherdless Pie Part Deux

The original recipe Á la Reneé called for kale, cream, butter, cheese, honey and worcestershire/worcester sauce… all my favourites, and all delectable in their own right. Instead, I substituted some of these goodies for some dairy free sunflower butter, and Alpro Soya SIngle Alternative to Cream to recreate that creamy mash texture. For convenience  reasons (translation = on a permanent budget) I’ve left out a few ingredients like cheeses, honey and worcestershire/worcester sauce, but you can swap these for cheddar alternatives, maple syrup and a vegan version of worcestershire sauce. I used Cholula’s chilli and garlic hot sauce for a bit of added sweetness, and I also swapped the kale for spinach as that’s what I had to work with, and it worked a bloody treat. As the recipe says “No kale?  Use any other green or sub in mushrooms or carrots or go without – it will still be awesome”.

The Humble Spud

All I can say is that this recipe knocked my socks off, even my tailored bastardised vegan version. I have to admit, I never follow a recipe to the letter because I prefer to make everything my own, so I sniff, pinch and poke around measurements and let my mouth do the taste test along the way. That said, I definitely used the Sweet Sugar Bean recipe as guide in shining armour, but I altered it to my own taste seeing as I was freeing bastardising it from dairy 😉 I really and truly didn’t want to lose any of the taste or that warm, comfort feeling, and I have to say I literally killed this recipe in the best way possible! Just saying! OH, and might I just say… The roasted garlic mashed into the potato topping is one of the most heavenly things I’ve ever tasted in a mashed potato… It almost didn’t make it to the topping! An accolade of the highest order from an Irish gal. I’ll be spreading word on Irish shores ASAP!

Roasted Garlic

RESULT: Only an acronym can do this any justice… O. M. F. G.

Once again, here’s the original recipe on Sweet Sugar Bean – CLICK HERE – follow your gut, nostrils and taste buds and create your own masterpiece!

Toodle pip


Taa daa