The Budgeteer’s Bruschetta

I love a good pungent garlic, so I urge you to follow the recipe to your own taste when it comes to deciding how much to use. While I’m perfectly happy to breath a fire of garlic hell before me, others might not be so forgiving.

When it comes to basil, again, use your own taste buds as a guide, but if you’d rather the taste of basil come through in the dish, ease off on the human dragon fire garlic.

Finally, if you’re like me and can’t muster up the money for some sourdough bread, take heart in the trusty sliced loaf… It works just fine! I’ve chosen to go with a multiseed farmhouse batch loaf. I’m all about quality, but when my wallet is being a toe-rag, the next best thing will do just dandy.

 pBudgeteer's Bruschetta

Recipe (x1 serving)

1 tablespoon of olive oil

2/3 mushrooms sliced

½ clove of garlic finely chopped (keep the other half for rubbing the bread)

6 baby tomatoes chopped

3 basil leaves finely chopped

1 slice of bread

  1. Cut your slice of bread into two, and pop in the toaster
  2. On a medium heat gently fry the finely chopped half clove of garlic for a minute or two, then add the chopped mushrooms and fry until softened (3/5 minutes should do it). Add a sprinkle of your finely chopped basil right before you take the mushrooms off the heart
  3. Rub your now toasted bread with the other half clove of garlic and top with the fried garlic, mushrooms, and basil mix.
  4. Top with the chopped tomatoes and sprinkle with basil.
  5. The Budgeteer’s Bruschetta is served.

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